BRCE: Mission Statement

Black Rise is the area of space along the Caldari State frontier. Once thought to be a black void of starless space, it was discovered to hold numerous planets and stars, hidden behind the veil of the Snowblind Nebula between the Rise and Lonetrek.

In YC79 the Caldari State megacorporations of Wiyrkomi, Lai Dai and Kaalakiota began the slow, secret colonization of Black Rise. Some of the colonies prospered, some struggled. But all that came to an end when the bordering Gallente Federation invaded in YC110; The year of the Empyrean War. The Gallente forces swept in, capturing many of the colonies. As Caldari forces drove them back, the Gallente burned out many of the colonies they’d taken. Many others were lost in the fog of war, never to be heard from again.

Black Rise Colonial Exploration was founded by Wiyrkomi capsuleers Jukko Riis and his crèche-sister Thea Isotalo. BRCE’s mission is to find the lost colonies of Black Rise, establish new colonies and do what is necessary to ensure the safety and prosperity of all who live in Black Rise.

On the edge of the Caldari State, beyond the Snowblind Nebula, is our home. The Aokinen Constellation, called Black Rise. Our mission is to serve and protect. To find the lost colonies. To defend. To build. To make a new home for all people among the stars. This is the new high frontier, the new lands, waiting to be built. This is what we do. We build better worlds.